Our 8 Favorite “Dogs for Marriage Equality” Facebook Photos

Are you using a dog-themed equality symbol on your facebook page this week? We want to know!

dogedit  |  Mar 29th 2013

The Internet has gone red this week while the Supreme Court hears two cases concerning the legal status of marriage equality. Social network communities all over the Internet are putting their own spin on the Human Rights Council’s official equality symbol.

Here a few we’ve gathered from the dog-loving community. Please let us know about any good ones we’ve missed!

1. Dogs Don’t Discriminate, Neither Should Humans!

2. I Don’t Care Who Gets Married. As Long As They’re Good To Their Dog:

3. I Stand Up For Equality. Share If You Do Too!

4. My Dog Doesn’t Judge … Why Should I?

5. Dogs Never Judge

6. A Bark Out for Marriage Equality and Anti Breed-Specific Legislation

7. Pitbulls Don’t Want You To Discriminate Against Same-Sex Couples Either

8. Corgis Representin’ of Course:

Dogster readers: Are you using a dog-themed equality symbol, or have you created one of your own? Please share them with us in the comments!