Korea-EU Trade Talks Threatened with Potential Banning of Dog Meat Trade

Too bad that the Europeans didn't carry through with the rumor of banning dog meat. What's it going to take to get the Koreans to...

Joy  |  Jul 19th 2007

Too bad that the Europeans didn’t carry through with the rumor of banning dog meat. What’s it going to take to get the Koreans to realize that civilized people don’t eat their symbiotes of thousands of years?

Thanks to English.chosun.com for this article.

EU ‘no Threat to Enjoyment of Dog Meat’

A topical scare enlivened the drab technical reporting on Korea-EU free trade talks earlier this week when it was reported that dog meat might be banned in Korea. The second round of bilateral free trade talks opened in Brussels on Monday. Some Korean news outlets reported that eating dog meat could be banned here because the EU proposed recognizing the concept of animal welfare as part of the animal and plant hygiene and quarantine sector. The killing of dogs for food has been derided as cruel by animal rights activists.

Korean reporters covering the trade talks in Brussels seemed to think it was therefore possible the traditional Korean delicacy is on its last legs. But Korean chief trade negotiator Kim Han-soo later quashed the rumors. He told reporters Monday animal welfare” is no reference to the eating of dog meat; the EU simply wants Korea to strengthen education on animal welfare. Actually canine meat is unlikely to be on the agenda at trade talks with the EU since no European countries plan to import dog meat from Korea.