A Video Tribute to John Unger and His Beloved Dog, Schoep

The touching story of John Unger and his dog, Schoep, moved one woman to create a video tribute to them. See it here -- and make sure to have a tissue ready.

dogedit  |  Aug 3rd 2013

The photos of John Unger cradling his senior dog and best friend, Schoep, during a water therapy session struck a chord so deep and primal, they immediately went viral. If there was ever a photo that conveys true, unconditional love in a single sublime image, it’s this one:

The photo touched millions of lives, and when Schoep passed away in July, we all mourned with John Unger. One person was so touched by the story of Unger and Schoep that she decided to make a video tribute. Written from the point of view of Schoep to his human friend, Jennifer Wallick compiled photos of the two together and set them to Elton John’s “Your Song.”

It’s bittersweet, so grab a tissue.

H/T to Huffington Post, photos by Stonehouse Photography

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