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Come See Herb Williams’ Dog Art — Made Out of Crayons!

Herb Williams is a Tennessee artist who uses thousands of Crayola crayons to create colorful dog art.

Annie Butler Shirreffs  |  Nov 15th 2017

I’m certainly not a kid anymore, but one thing I still love is a nice, big box of new crayons. Nashville, Tennessee-based artist Herb Williams has taken the allure of crayons to a whole new level by using them to create art sculptures.

An example of Herb Williams' crayon dog art.

An example of Herb Williams’ crayon dog art.

He’s one of just a few artists in the world who has an account with Crayola. His sculptures can require thousands and thousands of crayons. He orders each color individually packed and cuts the crayons down to the length he needs for each particular project. Then he bonds the paper (not the wax) to a form he’s already carved or cast, completely enveloping it.

His latest series, Call of Couture, caught my eye. The series explores “fashion choices from the furry side” and how specific breeds have become the ultimate fashion accessory. To see more of his work, visit

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