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What It’s Like to Be a Dog Leaping Into the Sea: Captured by GoPro

Walter, equipped with a wearable camera, merely runs to the water and jumps in, but what a run.

Michael Leaverton  |  Sep 4th 2014

When something like a GoPro harness for your dog comes along, people who have had enough of technology like to say things such as, “Why would I ever want to strap a camera to my dog?”

And then the harness gets into the hands of the right person with the right dog, and suddenly all objections become moot. That dog is Walter. His person is Simone Sciumbata, who lives in Siracusa, Sicily, a stone’s throw from an amazing sea.


In the video, Simone puts the camera on Walter, hits play, unclips the leash, and sends Walter on a wild run to the sea. Across patios, down stairs, past trees, over hedges, down trails, down more stairs, over coastal rocks — this Simone lives in a nice area, no? — and smack dab right through some shocked beach-goers and into the air, after which he goes crashing into the ocean.

It’s a simple video, and perfectly shows a dog having the time of his life.

“The first video that I had imagined to do was this because I really like when he runs in that way,” Sciumbata told ABC News by email. “He really loves the sea and to jump and run, and he’s very fast.”

As happy as Walter is, he might not be the happiest dog in the world this week. Another video going viral shows Grover the Pug coming home to something very special.

“We filled his playpen with plastic balls and his favorite toys and waited to see what happened,” wrote his owner Mel Stringer on YouTube.

What happened was a lot of being very happy:

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