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The cops are trying to figure out if a reported armed robbery in Denver, CO is a tall tail. Eh, tale.

A man was in the area for the Rocky Mountain Cluster Dog Show, he stopped for coffee and claims when he returned to his car three masked men appeared.

He was robbed at gunpoint and told police he had “three” tubs of dog jewelry, as well as a handgun, stolen. According to the victim, the bejeweled dog collars and other dog jewelry was valued at $300,000.

Police Captain Jim Tsurapas said jewelry salesman try to stay as inconspicuous as possible, so carrying the jewelry in tubs could throw off any potential robbers, who might be looking for, say, a locked suitcase.

The salesman was the only witness to the robbery, say Parker police.

“We’ll try to hook him up with a sketch artist today to see if he can remember what they look like,” Tsurapas said. “What type of ski masks they had. Their faces were covered, it was pretty quick. We might not get too much of a description.

Not to be the suspicious type, but this story does sound a bit questionable. Why do I get the feeling the sketch is going to come out looking like Lassie, or possibly Chi Chi who is pictured above.