Ever Felt Like Barking at the Internet? Watch This Dog’s Adorable Media Criticism

This viral video shows a dog responding to her own repeated image -- and we know the feeling.

Chris Hall  |  Apr 24th 2014

Not only is the video below cute and adorable, it’s also perhaps the best metaphor for the Internet — especially the social media aspects — that I’ve seen yet. Posted on YouTube by Daniel Eastvold, it shows his dog Holiday sitting at the computer, vigorously defending the family by barking at a video of herself — which shows Holiday barking at another video of herself. Just to add to the poor pooch’s confusion, at one point Eastvold’s wife shows up on one of the videos and waves at the camera.

People with a higher tolerance than myself for watching Leonardo DiCaprio movies have dubbed the video “Dogception,” after the movie Inception.

Whatever your preferred pop cultural reference, the Eastvold family is probably happy that they’re so well-protected against the encroaching existential confusion of interactive media. Or maybe they just think she’s cute. In The Daily Mail (and yes, I am ashamed to link to that site), Eastvold says lovingly, that “My dog is a weirdo.”

Maybe not a weirdo. Lots of dog owners have seen similar things, although maybe not taken to quite so many recursive levels. That’s probably why “Dogception” has been ruling over Twitter the past few days. Will Holiday ever succeed in persuading those other dogs that she’s in charge? No, probably not. But it’s fun to see her try.

So watch Holiday take on her video doppleganger, and then tell us — how does your dog deal with video? Ignore it, or boldly try to defend the household? Or maybe even try to make friends?

Via YouTube

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