Beneful Unveils a Mind-Boggling Contraption to Pour Dog Food

Rube Goldberg never made a machine to do this -- so Beneful did. And it's powered by dogs.

Michael Leaverton  |  Jul 5th 2013

We like to write about technology products geared toward dogs, like fitness trackers and this interesting automatic ball launcher.

Well, there’s a new machine, a combination dog-food pourer and tennis-ball dumper. It looks like it was designed by Rube Goldberg (in fact it’s called the Dog Goldberg), and it’s powered entirely by dogs, historically the worst and most fickle power source ever, setting aside cats for the moment.

Though the dogs take the most ungodly and circuitous route to dispense kibble and dump tennis balls you could ever imagine, the job does indeed get done.

Cleanup, however, is a bitch.

The maker of device, dog-food company Beneful, contracted out the engineering to the DeepFocus ad agency. CEO Ian Schafer describes an intense manufacturing process.

“[I’ll] put it this way,” he told Mashable. “It wasn’t easy. It was a very long day.”

Watch the machine at work:

To order Beneful’s combination dog-food pourer and tennis-ball dumper, simply show this post to your psychiatrist and tell her you’d like buy one. She’ll handle the rest.

Via Mashable