Hear These Dogs Rip Through “Little Drummer Boy”

In soon-to-be holiday classic, 3 dogs join Walk Off the Earth in the traditional song. See the video!

dogedit  |  Dec 13th 2013

For years, the top slot on my short list of “People Who Never Thought Would Be Singing Little Drummer Boy Together But Thank God They Are” was taken by David Bowie and Bing Crosby, who exploded the minds of half the world with their rendition in a fake living room in 1977. Today, that changes. Today, I watched three dogs join in with Walk Off the Earth, laying down a strong version that takes advantages of all the talents of these wonderful pets.

You see, the dogs are musicians. They have these giant hands. The cellist plays like a young Johann Sebastian, bending his bow before his patrons at some dumb court in Vienna. On drums, it’s Neal Pert, wait, no, it’s Charlie Watts, wait, no, it’s Phil Collins, wait, no, it’s Larry Mullen Jr. — wow, this Husky is all over the map, and not in such a great way.

Rounding out the canine portion, in the lower left, playing piano, is Elton John.

Best of all, the dogs betray nothing, they’re stoic, like blasting out a fierce rendition of Little Drummer Boy when you’re a dog is no big thing. Is this the Velvet Underground? Billy Squier? Captain Beefheart?

No, it’s Walk Off the Earth, featuring dogs. Strap yourself in and have a look:

It may not be weirder than David Bowie singing with Bing Crosby, but maybe it is exactly as weird as Bowie singing with Bing Crosby. It’s hard to say. We’ll go with that. It could be a classic.

Here’s how they made the video: