Pix We Love: Fashion Week for Dogs

In an effort for spur more adoptions, the Helen Woodward Animal Center did a high-fashion photo shoot for its residents.

Michael Leaverton  |  Feb 11th 2014

New York’s Fashion week is all about one thing: Trying to make people buy clothes by making the clothes look as good as possible — by putting them on models. (The sending-them-teetering-down-a-runway-to-deafening-techno is an added bonus.)

And fashion week works so well that it inspired the people at the Helen Woodward Animal Center to try something similar: To get people to adopt dogs by making the dogs look as good as possible — by photographing them like models. They did a high-fashion photo shoot for dogs.

Take a look (while imagining Lorde’s “Tennis Court” blaring, because fashion):

The idea stemmed from the knowledge that adoption rates increase for pets with great profile pictures vs. photos showing the same pets in less flattering surroundings. Amy VandenBerg of Chowhound Photography in Encinitas volunteers to take the photos. She was thrilled to try a high-fashion theme.

“Animals are so open and ready to display all of their enthusiasm for life and a fascination with the world around them,” said Vandenberg. “I absolutely love capturing a pet’s personality for my clients, and it’s just as rewarding to be able to capture the personality of an animal waiting for their forever home. It’s a chance to let them shine in a photo like they do in real life. Every pet is unique, and showing that uniqueness in a photo can make all the difference when it means winning over a potential adopter.”

And like any good fashion shoot, the staff had a videographer on hand to capture all the behind-the-scenes footage:

If you are interested in adopting, would like to make a donation, or would like more information, contact Helen Woodward Animal Center Adoption Department at 858-756-4117 ext. 313 or visit www.animalcenter.org.

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