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Hallelujah: Jesus Appears on a Dog's "Caboose"

An old photo showing the Prince of Light sneaking up on a dog is making the rounds again.

 |  Jun 14th 2013  |   16 Contributions

There is no delicate way to put this: Jesus appeared on a dog's rear end. His backside. His caboose. His booty. His keister. His trailer. His hiney. His fanny. His derriere. 

His -- excuse us for writing this but there's really no other word for it -- anus

It seems an odd place for Jesus to land. Perhaps he was on the way to someone's piece of toast in the Midwest and got lost. Or perhaps Jesus is out to save some dogs, because if there's one place a dog is sure to look at, it's another dog's, um, bullseye. 

Here's the full photo. Don't forget to notice and be amazed by Jesus' flowing robes, which cascade down the length of the dog's badonkadonk. It's beautiful, really. Even his little toes are there. 

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This photo is actually an old one -- Feature_Creature posted it on Reddit a year ago, but after Jezebel posted it yesterday we finally saw it and stopped everything to stare intently at our computer screens for an uncomfortable length of time. 

Much like you just did.  

Because the comments section on Reddit can be a wild place, we've sorted through them to bring you a few of the best ones:

  • That's definitely the 2nd longest I've ever stared at a dog's butt-hole
  • Lend me your rears!
  • D-O-G backwards is G-O-D. It all makes sense now.
  • that was NSFW (not safe for worship)
  • I'm pretty sure that's Jeff Bridges.
  • The biggest trick the Devil ever played was getting people to take pictures of their dog's butt.
  • Jesus has finally discovered Photoshop!
  • After a closer inspection of this dogs a**hole, I can conclusively say that this is, indeed, a portrait of Steve Jobs.
  • And this concludes my browsing of Reddit for today.

Any good observations? Post your own in the comments! 


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