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Pancakes with dogs faces.
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Dr. Dan the Pancake Man Serves Pancakes With Your Pup’s Face On Them

Dan Drake (aka Dr. Dan the Pancake Man) cooks up pancakes featuring your pup's likeness.

Martha M. Everett  |  Aug 31st 2018

I flipped when my neighbor showed me a pancake with her dog’s image on it. Dr. Dan the Pancake Man created the edible art from a photo of Laurie Koenig’s 4-year-old Coton de Tulear-Poodle mix Axl Rose. A professional pancake artist, Dan Drake (aka Dr. Dan) began experimenting with pancake batter at the St. Louis diner where he worked as a cook.

When The Today Show served up a story on his work, a new breed of art was born, and it’s selling like hotcakes. Dan travels the world cooking custom pancake portraits at events and private parties. They’re 100 percent edible, but Laurie couldn’t bring herself to eat it up. “It just felt weird to eat Axl,” she says.

Maybe that’s why Dan’s firm, Dancakes, is cooking up a process in its pancake art laboratory to create permanent pancake keepsakes to immortalize in a frame. For me, I like to have my pancake and eat it, too — butter up that pup and pass the syrup! Find out how to get your pup on a pancake at

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