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Dogster Community Update: Work Continues, and We Need Your Help!

Help us with log-in issues and join the Community team for a live chat next week in the All Paws Bulletin group.

Lori Malm  |  Sep 16th 2015

It was just over a year ago that i-5 Publishing purchased Dogster and saved our Community areas from permanent closure. Almost immediately, the company’s technical team began work to restore these areas. In only a few months, i-5 was able to address more than 50 unresolved technical issues dating back to 2012!

Celebrating One Year at i5-Publishing! Photo: Community Pup, Miles

Celebrating one year at i-5 Publishing! Photo: Community Pup, Miles

The transition team rebuilt the Community areas of Dogster on a new platform. The engineers also spent much of May and June transitioning Dogster’s online magazine sections to a new publishing platform. Several months into the process, it was determined that several key Community features, valued by the Community, would not function on the new platform.

After an audit of all Community features on the current platform, tested by a dedicated group of volunteer Community members, in July the technical team resumed work to make the current site responsive. Among the top priorities for fixes are photo upload, transactional email, photo and Diary commenting, and log-in issues.

Work to Fix Community is still Underway! Photo: Community Pup, Bandit

Work to fix community is still underway! Photo: Community Pup, Bandit

If you are not able to log into your Dogster account, please send an email to cantlogin@dogster.com. Include your browser and operating system, and a detailed description of the log-in issue you are having.

Please join us in the All Paws Bulletin Group on Tuesday, Sept. 22, at 5 p.m. (PST) for a live chat, hosted by your Community team. Lori and John will be available to address your questions and concerns about the status of Community.

With kind woofs,

Lori and John
Dogster Community Team