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If anyone is looking to adopt a new pal take a look at the Bladen Shelter in NC, these dogs are on death row.

I am writing to you in a last minute effort in hope that your rescue organization may be able to save a group of dogs from a VERY high-kill shelter in Bladen County, North Carolina (that uses gas chambers to euthanize the dogs). These dogs are scheduled to be euthanized any day now and desperately need to be saved!

I am trying get the shelter to hold off on euthanasia for a couple of more days to get them saved. The dogs are very sweet with wonderful temperaments and I’m certain they can find loving homes, if only given the chance!

You can get all the needed information and see their beautiful faces on the Bladen County Shelter Petfinder page.

Liza, pictured above, is an adorable American Bulldog/Boxer mix. As it says on her page, “No one will ever love you like a dog who was once abandoned!” I may not speak dog, but I’m pretty sure those eyes are pleading to be given a chance to live, to be released from death row.