Is the Dog in This Video Trying to Save the Lives of These Fish … Or Save Them for Later?

This video is heartbreaking, unless you think the dog is burying the fish. Then it's kinda dark.

Michael Leaverton  |  Aug 13th 2014

The video shows a dog — a wonderful, magnificent, heartwarming dog — trying to save some poor, out-of-water fish by taking his little snout and dragging it through puddles and scooping water onto them. This fish are heaving. The dog is scooping. Our tears are flowing.

Actually, no. The fish look pretty dead. Well, most do. One clearly moves a little, perhaps in his death throes as the last of sweet life leaks from his mortal, $9.99-a-pound flesh. Anyhow: Heartbreaking.

However, some commenters have pointed out, quite astutely, that the dog may not be in fact auditioning for America’s Most Wonderful Pet and may not be trying to save the fish so they can buddies together in a comedy but may in fact be just trying to bury the fish so he can EAT all of them later, in the privacy of his horrific gluttony.

Well, we say to that … even better! Who doesn’t love a dog with a little gumption, however misplaced? Who carries the notion in his head that he can bury something with water, and then goes ahead and does it? Who looks at a giant haul of fish and thinks, “Hmm, what to do, what to do … I know, water!”

Bless this dog. We need more freethinkers like him, who bury with water. And yet, part of us still clings to the idea that this dog might really be trying to save the fish. The way he sniffs that one fish, and the fish moves, and the dog quickly goes back to pouring water over him. It really does look like he’s trying to save the fish’s life.

Either that or he’s a sadistic little animal.

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