Vid We Love: The Director’s Cut of “Savour Every Moment”

Keith Hopkin's dog video made us all teary last May; now, he's back with more footage.

Michael Leaverton  |  Jan 13th 2014

It is rare that we see a week without some bad news concerning dogs, but the past few days were particularly rough. Story after story came in about dogs left outside, dogs freezing to the ground, and in a handful of sad cases, dogs being frozen solid. And these are just the reported stories — who knows how many dogs suffered through the week of freezing temperatures.

So here’s something to make you feel better, to remind yourself and others of the full majesty of dogs. Last May, Keith Hopkin, the man behind the video Dogs in Cars, leveled dog people with his love letter to canines, Savour Every Moment, featuring lush clips of dogs being dogs, backed by a moving soundtrack.

Our social media guru Liz Acosta liked it very much.

Now, Hopkin is back with his director’s cut, featuring more animals and extended sequences. Tissues at the ready, people:

Amazing, huh? Now you get to giggle with a behind-the-scenes image from the film: