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Vid We Love: Oh, Baby! A Dog Blocks This Little One from the Ocean

The baby on a beach in Turkey was determined, but Lifeguard Dog was too. See the video.

dogedit  |  Sep 25th 2013

This week’s big viral video reminded us of one of our favorite questions: How much do dogs know? Do they know about spotlights and zoos, for example? Do they know about gasoline and Thanksgiving? Do they know about extra value meals?

The video in question gives us a clear answer to the underlying question: Dogs know a lot more than you think. Look at all this dog knows. The video, which was filmed on a beach in Turkey, features a baby from crawling toward the ocean — in that excited, headstrong baby-crawling style where baby means business. Baby is going into that ocean if it’s the last thing baby does.

Suddenly, a dog runs up to the baby, meaning he noticed the danger from afar, like a parent would if the parent wasn’t texting. (I really don’t know if the parent was texting.) Then the dog plants himself between baby and the dangerous ocean, disarming baby, who suddenly finds she can’t go into that big fun surging ocean without some pretty advanced evasive maneuvers, which she’s about one year too young for.

Best of all, the dog has a big fat smile on his face and a wagging tail, to let baby know that everything is OK.

Finally, the mother comes up and scoops up the baby, and the way she does it makes you realize: This happens all the time! Well, maybe it doesn’t, but the mom is certainly casual about the whole thing. (Maybe it was one of those “I meant to do that” moves, like a cat makes after accidentally falling off the counter or something.)

Watch the video:

Now we can add “dogs know babies shouldn’t be headed toward the ocean unsupervised, Mom!” to our list of things that dogs know.

Via Huffington Post