Watch This Golden Retriever Find Nirvana in a Tub Bath

Have you seen a dog like the one in this video enjoy a bath this much? Or anything this much?

Michael Leaverton  |  Sep 9th 2014

Somehow the idea of pampering got down to this Golden Retriever, and he liked what he heard. He went all in. Full recline in the tub. Eyes at half-mast. Pan-pipe music in the background. Idly thinking of meatballs while his owner soaps him down — ah, right there, monsieur! You have the magic hands, oui?

I’ve never been half as relaxed in the tub. It’s a mystery how one dog could enjoy a bath this much. Is he hypnotized? Is it sorcery? He’s like Lance Armstrong getting worked on after his fifth Tour de France win. He’s like a college student on a Saturday after finals. He’s like your dog after you left the meatloaf on the table and went out for a walk before dinner. He’s like Tim Cook getting a standing ovation after introducing the iWatch. Pure bliss. Has this dog cracked the secret of life? Is the secret a tub bath?

Check him out in this YouTube video:

Here’s to this dog. He’s the day’s best dog.

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