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Breaking: Pluto the Dog Has Been Found on Pluto

Disney's canine star has been discovered hanging out on Pluto, right where you expect him to be.

dogedit  |  Jul 16th 2015

It’s only natural that after a NASA spaceship’s three-billion-mile journey to Pluto, it would find Pluto, but it also found Pluto.

Pluto — the dog.

On Pluto.

God, I love space travel.


In the first-ever close-up images of the planet, Earthlings were shocked to discover what Walt Disney discovered so long ago: That there’s a Pluto on Pluto. A big, happy Pluto. Just look at this:


And this:


And this:


Of course, some people think Pluto is not Pluto but rather the heart of some strange Pluto alien who is trying to keep that vital organ from flying off into space:


We don’t understand space very much, but that’s crazy talk. That’s Pluto on Pluto. See?Pluto-2

Case closed.

Via BarkPost

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