I’ve been really wanting a Coton de Tulear, and don’t worry, I’ve been researching for a number of years and they are the PERFECT breed for us. However, I also really support rescuing and adopting shelter dogs. I looked up Coton rescue groups in Canada, and I can’t find any! I found one in Texas, but I live in Ontario, Canada! I’m currently in contact with a couple of wonderful breeders, one I have met her dogs, and I am meeting the other dogs soon. My dad is also insistent on a puppy for some reason, and he’s actually letting me get one after years of pleading and I don’t want to push it. I’m in a sticky situation. I love mature shelter dogs, but my parents love Coton puppies. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Cotons, but I know how many dogs are in need of loving homes. Please Help!