Corgi Puppies! We Can’t Get Enough

These 10 Corgi puppies are just what you need right now.


We are all fascinated by Corgi puppies. Is it their low center of gravity, their innocent and cheerful faces, or their indomitable spirits? Whether we’re talking about the two major breeds — the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi — or any of a variety of equally delightful mixes, Corgi puppies command attention when they enter a room.

Corgis trace their roots to Wales in the United Kingdom, where they protected homes and farms, and worked to shepherd domestic farm animals ranging from cows to pigs to geese. Corgi puppies, as we shall see, are a brilliant lot — puppies who are attentive, playful, adventurous, and outlandishly lovable.

We present these ten Corgi puppies as a representative sample of a breed thought to have kept company with the fairy-folk and who has been immortalized by its association with royalty.

Bring on the Corgi puppies!

This is Toby, the Cardigan Corgi, taking it easy among the fallen leaves. Corgi puppies love nothing quite so much as playing out of doors. For Corgi puppies, the world exists to be explored and comprehended. No detail of their surroundings goes unchronicled or unnoticed as Corgi puppies make their way, but even the most active must take a moment for quiet reflection.

Meet Chuckles, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi! Don’t let the name fool you; if you read into Chuckles’s history, it becomes apparent very quickly that neither the name nor the decision to adopt Corgi puppies is undertaken with anything but the greatest solemnity and care. Chuckles here repays that consideration through dedication to his one of his parent’s scholastic pursuits.

Here’s Fawkes, a Pembroke Corgi, when he was but a young puppy. There’s no doubt that Corgi puppies are as adorable as any puppies, but with a charm and style all their own. The greenness of the grass matches well with the hopeful curiosity of Corgi puppies, don’t you think?

Gus is a little bit older, a little bit more established among the Corgi puppies we’ve seen so far. One is reminded of the reflective sublime in the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich as Gus gazes out over California’s Bodega Bay. The Welsh Corgi puppy overlooking the sea of fog, if you please.

Some Corgi puppies just want to spend time with mom. The Corgi personality is widely renowned, celebrated, and typified by loyalty, and there’s no sight that comforts more than a Corgi puppy sharing moments with his loved ones. Have you seen anything cuter today than this baby Corgi giving his mommy a kiss?

The Corgi is an active breed, though, and while a quiet scene tugs at our heartstrings, Corgi puppies want to play! Take a peek at this Pembroke Corgi; he’s ready for excitement and mischief-making! We hope you’re enjoying these Welsh Corgi puppy pictures as much as we are!

Here’s a Corgi puppy poised for fun among the fall leaves! This tiny Pembroke Corgi is beckoning to you with her lovely little face, and her perky little ears are waiting to hear you say, “Hello there!” If I were you, I wouldn’t put her off a moment longer. These Corgi puppies can hear you cheering from every corner of the Internet.

Do you know what we really need now? A Cardigan Corgi puppy, bright-eyed and full of joy to greet you! We understand and are here to deliver. All of these Corgi puppies fill us with a sense of life’s promise and unlimited possibilities that wait just around every corner. This Corgi puppy’s fur is so beautifully colored that you could spend hours doing nothing but admiring the little brown eyebrows on the face or little white booties covering the feet.

Back into nature! Smudge is this Pembroke Corgi puppy’s name, and Smudge longs to be in the forest. Fallen trees make for a good perch, giving this Corgi puppy a clear vantage point from which to assess and survey the land all around. Alert and attentive, Corgi puppies might be short in stature, but regardless of breed, the Corgi personality is expansive. Don’t you want to explore the forest with Smudge?

After a long day of playing in fields and forests, or even just running around the backyard, even the most energetic Corgi puppies need a nap. This Cardigan Corgi has found a good place, right where everyone leaves their shoes! We’ll let you fawn and coo over her while she sleeps.

Never enough Corgis!

Do you love these Corgi puppies? Of course you do! Share your Corgi puppy pictures and stories in the comments below!

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