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The Cautious Canine & I’ll Be Home Soon!


You’ve trained your dog’s actions (“Sit”, “Stay”, “Come”), but you also need to train her emotions!

Strangers, the vet, even hats – these are all things that can scare your dog (for reasons you may never know). With The Cautious Canine you’ll learn what it takes to understand when your dog is scared, what “triggers” are causing her to be afraid, and how to teach her to overcome her fears.

Your dog is stressed when you leave the house (and sometimes behaves badly in your absence). There’s a simple program that will keep him happy when’s alone!

You love your dog but you also love your home. If your normally well-behaved dog is not-so-well-behaved when you leave, there’s a good chance he’s suffering from separation anxiety. This common condition may not sound like a big deal to us humans, but to your dog, it’s the equivalent of a panic attack!

With I’ll Be Home Soon! you’ll discover the process that will teach your dog to be comfortable when you leave your home. Order Your Copy Now for $14.90!

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