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  • Do Dogs Need Carbohydrates?

    If I had to choose the most misunderstood word in the dog nutrition vernacular, it would be “carbohydrate.” Mention feeding a dog “carbs” and you are likely to be met with a shocked retort such as, “But carbs are bad for dogs!” With the popularity of the “keto” diet (more on that trend in a future article), the poor carb has fallen even further from grace.

  • How to Prevent Dog Bites

    Aggressive behavior is an effective way for a dog to increase the distance between himself and something he perceives as threatening, either to himself or to a resource.

  • Why Dogs Love Nose Work

    Dogs have at least 200 million reasons to love sniffing and participating in nose work — and they could have as many as one billion reasons.

  • Tips for Dogs and Fire Season

    It’s Fall, and California is burning again. I lived in Southern California for many, many years — both of my dogs are from there — and when the Santa Ana winds blow, the fire will come. I was watching Live Rescue on A&E last week, where they showed a teenage girl being evacuated as the …

  • Dug Up at Dogster: November 2019 Dog Events and Premieres

    Let’s give thanks to our dogs by taking them out to one of these fun November dog events and premieres.

  • Afghan Hound

    Exotic and beautiful, Afghan Hounds stand out in a crowd. They need lots of love, attention and togetherness.

  • American Indian Dog

    Gentle with children, versatile with adults, the American Indian Dog has a very mellow and serene spirit.

  • Bull Terrier

    Bull Terrier Quick Facts Weight: 45 – 65 pounds (20.41 – 29.48 kg) Height: 12 – 18 inches (30.48 – 45.72 cm) The Look of a Bull Terrier Bull Terriers have thick, sturdy and muscular frames covered in thin, shiny and coarse coats. They can come almost any color—with or without white patches. Their long, …

  • Airedale Terrier

    The Airedale terrier is an independent, problem-solving breed.

  • Belgian Tervuren

    A light-boned, elegant, square-built dog the Belgian Tervuren is a loyal, friendly and affectionate companion.

  • Bernese Mountain Dog

    Obedient, smart, curious and eager to please, Bernese Mountain Dogs are are dependable but levelheaded guardians.

  • Brittany

    Brittany Quick Facts Weight: 28 – 33 pounds (12.70 – 14.97 kg) Height: 17 – 21 inches (43.18 – 53.34 cm) The Look of a Brittany Brittanys are medium-sized, compact dogs with long legs and slightly feathered coats. Their heads are medium-length with rounded skulls, tapered muzzles and short triangular ears that hang close to …

  • Chinook

    Chinook Quick Facts Weight: 55 – 75 pounds Height: 21 – 27 inches The Look of a Chinook The Chinook has a large, muscular frame covered in a thin, dense double coat that usually comes in various shades of orange-brown or yellowish-brown. Its broad head has a tapered (but not pointy) muzzle, prick ears that …

  • Alaskan Malamute

    Alaskan Malamutes love to goof around, play games and be rowdy (in a pleasant way, of course).

  • Bichon Frise

    The charming, friendly and intelligent Bichon Frise is soft and sweet and naturally social dog that will get along with the whole family—even other pets.

  • Chow Chow

    Chow Chow Quick Facts Weight: 45 – 80 pounds (20.41 – 36.29 kg) Height: 16 – 21 inches (40.64 – 53.34 cm) The Look of a Chow Chow Chow Chows have sturdy, broad, medium-sized frames covered in dense furry coats that can either be smooth or rough. They have broad heads and muzzles, triangular ears …

  • Clumber Spaniel

    Clumber Spaniel Quick Facts Weight: 55 – 85 pounds Height: 16 – 20 inches The Look of a Clumber Spaniel The hefty Clumber Spaniel has a long, low, rectangular frame covered in a feathered coat that usually comes in white with orange and yellow markings. Its broad, flat-topped head has a heavy, wrinkled brow, a …

  • American Bulldog

    Working dogs that need to move American Bulldogs are not the best apartment dogs. They need daily walks, room to run and lots of fresh air to maintain a healthy mind and body.

  • Black and Tan Coonhound

    A working dog by nature, the Black and Tan Coonhound needs patient training, attention and room to run.

  • Black Russian Terrier

    No matter how big your house or yard, the Black Russian Terrier will want to be close to you. They passionately love their family.

  • Boykin

    Boykin Quick Facts Weight: 25 – 50 pounds (11.34 – 22.68 kg) Height: 16 – 20 inches (40.64 – 50.80 cm) The Look of a Boykin Boykin Spaniels have medium-sized, compact bodies covered in flat or wavy coats that are usually brown, liver or chocolate with occasional white patches. Their medium-length heads are somewhat wide …

  • Bouvier des Flandres

    Bouvier des Flandres Quick Facts Weight: 60 – 90 pounds (27.22 – 40.82 kg) Height: 23 – 27 inches (58.42 – 68.58 cm) The Look of a Bouvier des Flandres The Bouvier des Flandres is a large, strong animal covered in a rough double coat. Its massive head is covered in hair, including a distinctive …