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He may have been pandering to his children but if theres one thing Senator Barack Obama will learn, theres no going back on commitments when...

He may have been pandering to his children but if theres one thing Senator Barack Obama will learn, theres no going back on commitments when kids and puppies are involved.

Im sure many of you already know, the junior senator from Illinois promised his kids they would be able to get a dog if he is voted into the White House in November of this year.

This has dog lovers around the globe intently watching the race for the next President of the United States just to see what type of dog the kids are going to get. Ill put dollars to donuts that hes still going to be getting the kids a fuzzy little ball of fun even if he loses.

I think this is one of those great teaching moments that come along every once in a great while. What if the Obamas were to go to a local shelter to pick out their dog or opt for a dog rescue organization to select their dog of choice? What a great message that would send.

Thats why when I found out what the Best Friends Animal Society was doing to promote this very thing I got so excited. Theyve set up a website to petition the Senator to go down the rescue path rather than the purchasing one. The website has great information on why adoption is such a great choice and youll be amazed at the wonderful things this organization is doing to create a better world through kindness to animals.

The site was created as a response to The American Kennel Club which quickly identified a list of five possible pure breeds that the Obamas could buy from a pet store or breeder.

Best Friends has a different thought…

With millions of homeless pets still being killed in shelters every year, theyre proposing that the Obamas NOT buy a dog instead, that they adopt their next dog from a shelter or rescue group.

Anyone who’s looked into how pet stores get their dogs is appalled when they find out about the realities of puppy mills and backyard breeders. This is not directed at ethical breeders, but at those who breed their dogs without thought to the welfare of the animal, the offspring and the future owners. It truly disgusts me.

Ted has previously written about the little known world of puppy mills and backyard breeders that were exposed by Oprah on her show. In that piece he makes a great point.

..if people simply knew about puppy mills and backyard breeders, we could kill all their business.

He’s right. If someone were to watch the Oprah show on puppy mills, I guarantee they will be adopting their next best friend.

As a Dogster member, chances are you more aware of this problem than the average person, or dog owner. I urge to take this opportunity to influence the education of the world on dog rescues by helping the Obamas make the right choice. Go sign the petition now.

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