You Can Fight Puppy Mills with Just One Letter to Pennsylvania

Thanks to the ASPCA for leading this charge against puppy mills! The good folks at the ASPCA are asking us to write and support the...
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Thanks to the ASPCA for leading this charge against puppy mills! The good folks at the ASPCA are asking us to write and support the following changes in Pennsylvania regulations. That means without ever leaving our warm homes we can help the dogs being held in Pennsylvania puppy mills, as well as all the families who might unknowingly buy a puppy mill dog. We can make a difference!

If you’re tempted to think your letter isn’t needed, think again. You know the puppy mill “people” will be writing and calling. Their livelihood of death depends on stopping just this kind of good change!

Urge the Pennsylvania Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement to Adopt Puppy Mill Regulations!

Bill Number: Proposed changes to the Dog Law Regulations
Primary Sponsor(s): PA Department of Agriculture and Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement
ASPCA Position: Support, with comments
Action Needed: Make the changes to the regulations even better by taking advantage of the comment period” thats part of this process. Print, sign and send a letter to Pennsylvanias Dog Law Advisory Board urging them to adopt the proposed changes to the Dog Law regulations.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, has the highest concentration of puppy mills of any county in the United States! Pennsylvanias governor recently committed to cleaning up the states commercial dog breeding industry. Enacting regulations that protect Pennsylvanias kennel dogs from abuse is an important step toward that goal.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture and Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement have introduced changes to the regulations that govern the commercial breeding industry in the state. Many of these changes are vital if Pennsylvania is to improve conditions for dogs kept in commercial kennels and put an end to the States reputation as the Puppy Mill Capital of the East.”

These new regulations, if enacted, will drastically improve conditions for dogs in commercial breeding facilities in Pennsylvania. The new regulations will:

– Double the required cage size for dogs.
– Improve standards such as sanitation, drainage and ventilation.
– Prohibit people from buying dogs from unlicensed dealers.
– Require that all dogs be provided with a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise per day.

The commercial breeding industry has made a number of inaccurate and potentially damaging statements about the proposed regulations. The proposed regulations will not impose restrictions on small hobby breeders who raise fewer than 26 dogs in a year; nor will the regulations impact dog shows, dog parks, or other dog events held in the state. The regulations are aimed specifically at regulating large scale commercial breeders.

It is crucial that the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement hear from you by March 16th to refute the breeding industrys false assertions.

Please take action now by printing this letter (Follow this link to the ASPCA site where you can get the letter.) and sending it to the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement! The letter is an official comment on the proposed regulations. The ASPCA supports the regulations, but there are things that could be added and amended to strengthen the regulations and better protect dogs at commercial breeding facilities in Pennsylvania. This letter reflects some of the changes that we feel are most important.

The Bureau must receive your comments by March 16th. Unfortunately, the Bureau is only accepting letters through the U.S. Postal Service, so the ASPCA cannot send the letter for you via email. Please ask friends and family to send a letter as well!

Send the letter to:
Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement
Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture
Attn: Ms. Mary Bender
2301 North Cameron Street
Harrisburg, PA 17110-9408

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