Yorkie Winston Almost Dies From Eating PetSmart’s Smokehouse Jerky Treats, PetSmart and Manufacturer Refuse to Recall Jerky

So many dogs have suffered from items like this jerky that should be immediately recalled! Unfortunately the manufacturers and the stores think we'll all get...



So many dogs have suffered from items like this jerky that should be immediately recalled! Unfortunately the manufacturers and the stores think we’ll all get busy and forget about the way they have abused our trust and endangered or killed our furry family members.

Dogster Rosie was poisoned by the Bestro Jerky Treat but it seems the brands don’t matter a lot. I’m avoiding ALL chicken jerky until the manufacturers can prove their products are safe.

Winston’s furmom, Kelly has been barking to get attention to the products that seriously damaged her beloved Winston.

Let us not forget! We must keep these poisonings in the public awareness!

My Yorkie almost died last week from Smokehouse Jerky treats from PetSmart.

They caused him to go into acute renal failure! He spent 6 days in the hospital!!! By some miracle he pulled through BUT with permanent kidney damage.

I am trying to gather people who have been affected by this. I am in communication with several people with hopes of approaching the media and get this stuff out of stores. I have spoken to others and dogs are still dying!!!!!!! The FDA has had over 100 complaints and both UC Davis and Cornell Universities are conducting studies right now. Why would that be happening if there wasn’t something really wrong with these things.

By some other miracle I got Doug Kriegal from KNBC News to call me today about doing a story but I need more people to contact him because he thinks only a few dogs got sick and only one dog died!!! WRONG!

So if you would like to be help save other dogs and pet owners from going through this PLEASE call or write me. Or e-mail Doug your story doug.kriegel@nbcuni.com tonight if you can. CALLING ALL DOG LOVERS LET THEM KNOW HOW MUCH WE LOVE OUR DOGS!!! SHOW THEM THE POWER OF PUPPY LOVE!!

Here is followup information from Winston’s mom, Kelly.

Dogs are becoming sick or dying after eating chicken jerky treats produced in China . The toxin in the treat causes a rapid onset of Fanconi disease/syndrome. This is normally a hereditary illness seen in older dogs (primarily Basenjis). This is such very rare condition that most vets that may have seen a few cases a year are now seeing as many as 10-20 cases per month. This situation was brought to the publics attention by an outcry of alarmed vets!

The AVMA published a warning Sept 13th

One manufacturer threatened to sue the AVMA and only backed down because FDA releases a warning (per AVMA Media Contact: Michael San Filippo)

AVMA has over had 2 dozen concerned vets with multiple cases contact them in the last 4 months.

FDA issued a warning Sept 26th’

FDA has over 100 complaints filed. FDA said it did testing and found nothing (this has not been published or confirmed anywhere that I can find)

Both UC Davis and Cornell are conducting studies

UC Davis is currently tracking over 40 cases.

PetSmart did a 5 voluntary recall for Smokehouse products and put them back on the shelves because they said they found no conclusive evidence.

Wal-Mart found Melamine in their treats.

The brands with the most complaints are Bestos, Smokehouse, Wagon Train and other store brands like Target etc.

Dr. Steven Gonto (the creator of the Fanconi treatment protocol) has spoken to over 60 dog owners affected by this in the last 4 months.

I personally have found, contacted or spoken to nearly 30 people just in the last 10 days with similar stories all having chicken jerky treats as the common denominator.

My veterinary hospital had as many as 7 cases (two dogs died).

The owners of the two dogs that died did independent testing and found arsenic, lead, mercury, acetometaphine (sp?) and other metals.

I have red countless stories of dogs becoming sick or dying on www.Itchmo.com blogs. Just type in chicken jerkyread the articles but most importantly scroll down past the article and read the personal posting ~ they tell the real story!

I have contacted PetSmart corporate headquarters ~ they dont care because they” are not responsible due to a master vendor” contracts.

I have contacted Smokehouse ~ they say, not enough dogs have died and they have no intention of pulling them from the shelves!”

I could go on and on.I have many pet owners who have been hurt by this who would LOVE to speak to the media and tell their story.

The damage that was done to my dog is permanent and irreversible. There is no cure for this syndrome. We have no idea if he will live or if he does for how long. He will need special treatment, medications and blood work on a regular basis for the rest of his life. I sat on the hospital floor for 6 days (10-12 hours a day) holding him and praying to god he would not die. NOBODY should have to go through this just because some big companies want to make a buckat the expense of our dogs lives! I dont care about the thousands of dollars I have already spent and all the medical bills going forward ~ I am holding hope that I am one of the lucky ones and that my baby livesso many did not. Please tell others so they dont have to go through what I did! Feel free to PASS THIS ON TO ANYONE ELSE WHO MIGHT HELP. AND PLEASE ADD MY CONTACT INFO TO THE STORY SO OTHERS CAN GET THE PROPER TREAMENT. Some dogs are dying because this is so rare the vets dont diagnose it properly and dont know how to treat it. Anyone can call me 310-259-9163 or 310-545-0862 day or night.

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