Wonky Bonker Toy Winners!

Our Wonky Bonker contest has come to an end, we have our winners. As an added surprise, the very kind folks at Bamboo , maker's...


Our Wonky Bonker contest has come to an end, we have our winners. As an added surprise, the very kind folks at Bamboo , maker’s of the Wonky Bonker, offered up a few extra prizes to giveaway.

So, we have two winners chosen at random, plus one for most creative, and the other for best answer.

Our random winners:

Athens, Austin, Braedey, Kenzie & Tucker

Wow! This toy looks totally pawsome. We had one that looked like a cat once. The toy finally crossed the rainbow bridge after several years of playing with it. We LOVE to toss about our toys and wrestle together and play keep away from the other pooches in our family. We would love to make this an addition to our box of toys!

(Christine-puppies mommy)


I love toys
that make noise,
they bring me joys
and keep me poised!

Prize for most creative goes to Kenyon’s mom.

Cini Mini Bon Bon’s Ode to Lizards

Lizards for breakfast,
Lizards for lunch,
Lizards for playing,
and lizards to munch.

They make me crazy.
They don’t make me lazy.
If I were a flower
I’d be a daisy.

If you give me a Wonky Bonker
I could rest my honker
Cause I could have big fun
Without sniffin’ a lizard to conquer!

Lastly, our winner for best answer goes to Precious Penelope Peanut.

Mom was on the computer and I was watching from under her arm and I saw a wonderful fun looking toy. Mom doesn’t know I can read but I can! When mom went to let our 2 collies outside, I quickly leaped up into momma’s chair to check this crazy looking toy out! Well, it says I have to write a note about why I want to win one so here goes:

I live with two huge dogs! They look a lot like me but none of my kind are that big. Don’t know if they are mutants, giants or what! Mom says I’m a sheltie and they are collies. What ever they are, they are toy hogs! My gosh! Here I was living happily with mom & dad and had all my toys to myself. Mom says I’m very smart cuz I know each one of their names and will pick out the one she asks for out of a pile of them. DUH! Of course I know their names!

Anyway, this little dog named Murphy moves in and he didn’t have a clue. I thought about showing him stuff so he wouldn’t be so dumb but all he wanted to do is steal my toys and try to chew them up! Then, it was a miracle or something because this little imp of a dog suddenly starts growing almost before my eyes! His nose got long, his legs grew very long and his body got huge. I kept wondering if he was like Clifford, the big red dog but eventually he stopped growing. But everytime I had a toy he came up and body slammed me and took it away!

Then last year another mutantly large dog that looks just like Murphy came, her name is Pepper and she is Murphy’s mother. Well, what this means to me is that I can never play with any of my toys! If I won this toy, I’d keep it in a special place where only I knew where it was so it could be all mine!

Thank you, Peanut

Thanks to all the Dogsters who entered, we had some great answers. Make sure to read Dogsters’ blog daily because we have more fun contests coming up. Here’s a tease…delicious gourmet dog treats and an amazing 3 minute dog wash.

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