Windee (Moo Tubes & Beef Trachea) Chewies Choking Warning

Yesterday I received a heartbreaking letter from Bobbie, she had given her pup Nikko a Windee chewie and the dog choked to death. I am...


Yesterday I received a heartbreaking letter from Bobbie, she had given her pup Nikko a Windee chewie and the dog choked to death. I am not familiar with these treats but we had a scary experience with Copper years ago when she was chewing a rawhide.

I was away on business and Lisa had given her one of the chewies with the knots on the end. Copper had eaten them before with no issues, the girl can chew. This time she almost choked to death when one of the knots separated and got stuck in her throat. Lisa thought she was going to watch her die, it was horrible. Eventually she was able to grab hold of a piece and pull it from her throat, we were very lucky, she never would have made it to the emergency vet.

We have never bought those types of chewies again. I have heard horror stories about many different types of rawhides/chewies, and while some pups have no issues it is always good to be aware of what can happen. Here’s Bobbie’s story…

windee737B68CD15175E012D452EF26787A49FMOn Saturday night, (8/16/09) my 6 year old Shih Tzu, Nikko, was eating a dog chewie named Windee (a/k/a Moo tubes & Beef Trachea). He began choking and I tried but could not get the Windee chew from him. I thought the choking stopped before I went to bed but the next day I woke up and Nikko was dead. The necropsy performed that morning revealed approximately 2 inches of the chew lodged in the trachea leading to death by asphyxiation.

The 6″ Windee chew is manufactured by Jones Natural Chews Company (the label says Jones Gourmet Chews Company) located in Rockford Illinois. The chew is advertised as “good chewing for all size dogs”. There are absolutely no warnings that choking can occur and cause death OR the Windee can lodge in the trachea and thus cause death by asphyxiation.

I contacted Jones Natural Chews company and spoke to Dean Jones, one of the owners. I told him what happened and he said he would send me a letter advising as to what would be done. When I didnt receive the letter I called him back and he said the letter was sent. I still have not received any letter. I requested they take this product off the market so that it would not happen to another dog. He said they would NOT take the Windee chew off the market. I then requested a warning label on the product that choking can occur and lead to death. He said he spoke to their Attorneys and they may put some type of warning that “Choking could be hazardous” That is not sufficient. It minimizes the reality, death can occur.

I know our dogs love bones and chewies and we all love to see our dogs happy BUT the consequences are not worth it.


I cant tell you how much I loved Nikko, I bred him and thus had him since the day he was born. IF you have had a dog die because of choking on this or any other product please notify me via email.

We are so sorry to hear about the loss of Nikko and extend our heartfelt condolences. I want to thank Bobbie for sharing her experience so others can be spared the pain she is going through.

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  1. You saw your dog was choking and you went to sleep? Sounds 100% like owner neglect. Shame on you! Dogs can choke on anything – every treat doesn’t need a ‘warning’. Terrible that you killed your dog instead of taking him to the vet, though.

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