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This water bottle holds water for your dog and a separate drink for you; we're giving away four.


Back in August, dozens of Dogster readers responded enthusiastically to my product review and giveaway of two Popware for Pets prize packs. And what’s not to love about Popware for Pets? This line of products by Dexas appeals to owners who seek out functional, colorful, quality items to help nourish their active dogs. Many of its products are lightweight and collapsible for easy travel. I loved testing out the samples, and still use the Collapsible KlipScoop, Collapsible Kennel Bowl, and Pet Bowl Grippmat every day.

Popware for Pets recently rolled out its newest edition of innovative feeding products for dogs –- but this one is for humans, too. The H-DuO with Companion Cup ($19.99) is a BPA-free bottle with twin, 12-ounce, watertight chambers, so the bottle can hold two different drinks simultaneously. This means you can bring water for your dog and something sweeter for yourself, both in the same bottle. The H-DuO includes an eight-ounce collapsible cup that clips onto the bottle, so your dog can drink easily wherever the day takes you.

I got to sample the purple H-DuO, which coordinates pleasingly with my other Popware for Pets products. Aesthetically, the H-DuO is on par with the rest of the product line, though it diverges from the simplistic design that I appreciate from Popware for Pets. Upon disassembling the H-DuO, I found the bottle contains multiple parts: the lid, a separate gray threaded ring to hold the lid onto the bottle, a soft plastic seal inside each bottle cap, and the collapsible cup. I’m a practical mama, and when I see all those hand washable parts, I think about the extra effort it takes to keep them all clean. I would love to see Dexas improve the design of the H-DuO so that the lid is a single piece.

Perhaps most importantly, the H-DuO actually keeps the liquids in the two chambers completely separate. I filled one side with milk and one with water (I did this for clarity in the photo –- you’re probably not going to want to go jogging with a refreshing 12 ounces of milk!), and they remained separated through shaking, drinking, and pouring.

The collapsible bowl appears to be the same as the small Collapsible Travel Cup with Carabiner ($7.99), and I enjoyed using this item both with the H-DuO and separately with a typical refillable water bottle. I would prefer the carabiner be somewhat larger than the one attached to the cup, because even with my bony fingers it took some effort to maneuver it on and off the bottle. The bowl itself is a great size for Ace, and packs fairly compact for easy travel.

Compared to the Gulpy, which I’ve used for years to tote water when I’m roaming the city with Ace, the H-DuO has several advantages. Sharing water from the Gulpy is difficult because I have to unscrew the foldable trough first, and the Gulpy tends to leak if not positioned upright in my bag. These problems don’t exist with the H-DuO. However, I do appreciate the Gulpy’s simple, folding design and its less expensive price tag. I think the unique design of the H-DuO would be useful when space is at a premium, or if you’d like one less object to navigate around in your backpack or beach tote bag.

Dogster Scorecard for the H-DuO with Companion Cup by Popware for Pets

  • Quality: Colorful BPA-free plastic is good for humans and dogs alike. I would prefer a sturdier carabiner on the collapsible cup and a simpler lid design.
  • Style: Popware for Pets scores again with the attractively designed H-DuO, which comes in three vibrant colors.
  • Function: The H-DuO’s two chambers keep your drink separate from your dog’s water.
  • Creativity: The H-DuO is a unique innovation in keeping you and your dog hydrated.
  • Value: The H-DuO is priced comparably to other Popware for Pets products.

Bottom line

The H-DuO simplifies traveling with beverages for you and your dog, and does so in colorful style.

Enter to win the H-DuO in the color of your choice!

Popware for Pets wants to treat four lucky Dogster readers to an H-DuO with Companion Cup. Winners will choose from three vibrant colors. To enter, leave a comment below saying how you would use this product with your dog and why it would work well with your routine walks or hikes, and what color you like best. Ace will choose her four favorite entries.

The contest is open to readers residing in the United States. Enter before noon PST on Friday, January 31, and make sure your Disqus account includes your preferred email address so Ace can contact you if you win!

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