Wider Pages and Navigation Changes Launched Today!

Hello everypaw! We have just completed the first round of site layout changes that we've been talking about for the last few weeks (see our...


Hello everypaw!

We have just completed the first round of site layout changes that we’ve been talking about for the last few weeks (see our previous updates below). The changes that you will now see across the sites are:

  1. We’ve removed the left column of site links as they had become excessive and were taking up valuable space on the page
  2. With the left list of links removed, we could widen all pages on the site – Pet pages, Group pages, Forum pages – everything! This means that people can see and read more on a page and have to scroll less! Yee Haw!
  3. We made some changes to the top navigation buttons. The My Account button is now a drop-down if you are logged in so you can get to some key account pages faster.
  4. All pages of our site are now centered in your browser window instead of left-aligned. Monitors are getting wider and wider and centering the page is more natural on average for general site usage, especially as time goes on. This was also a change that many of you have been asking for to make the backgrounds on your pet pages look better.

We have been working VERY HARD at HQ and with top site users to have these changes affect your experiences as little as possible. The two items we could not automatically fix are customized Pet Pages and Group pages that have a custom-sized top image, or have a custom-sized background image. Those top banner images can now be wider, and backgrounds are centered instead of left-justified. If your Pet page or Group page looks different than you want now that the page is wider, we are terribly sorry. The Pawsome Pages Group has already set up simple tutorials on how to adjust your customized page so it looks better. The good news is you now have more real estate to make bigger top images. Here’s the thread to learn about the changes.

While there were no big changes to site functionality that would affect your experience on the site, there were a lot of changes and improvements to the inner workings of the site – behind the scenes – to prepare for more changes coming soon. So please let us know if you see anything on the site that seems not quite right by leaving a comment.

Thanks for your patience during this time.

Big woofs and meows,

Dogster/Catster HQ

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