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Why Does My Dog Watch Me Poop? Vet-Verified Reasons

Written by: Misty Layne

Last Updated on June 10, 2024 by Dogster Team

Shih tzu puppy in the bathroom watching man sitting on the toilet

Why Does My Dog Watch Me Poop? Vet-Verified Reasons


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Our furry pals can do some pretty odd things at times, whether it’s barking at a corner of the room or trying to eat unpleasant stuff off the ground. Possibly one of the odder things our dogs do is follow us into the bathroom and watch us poop. Why on earth do they do that?

If you want to know why your dog follows you into the bathroom and then sits and stares unnervingly, you’re in the right place. We’re here to tell you the reasons they may do this (and there are a few!); it turns out those reasons aren’t as odd as you might think. So, if you’ve ever wondered why your dog watches you poop, here’s why.

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Why Does My Dog Watch Me Poop?

Dog parents know that having a dog means that, in many cases, you never go to the bathroom alone again. In fact, there are probably a lot of things you never do alone anymore now that there’s a canine in your home because chances are your pup follows you around wherever you go, including the bathroom. This doesn’t apply to every dog, of course, but many pups love being permanently attached to their peoples’ sides.

Why do our canine companions insist on following us like that, though? Most likely, it’s because we’ve spent hundreds of years breeding canines to want to be around humans. Can you really blame them for then following through on that instinct to be near us?

Curious dog staring through open door from bathroom
Image Credit: sophiecat, Shutterstock

That isn’t the only reason, though. Chances are also good that your pet is super curious about what goes on in the bathroom. After all, sometimes you go in there to use the toilet, while other times you’re in there for a shower, and still, in other instances, you’re there to fix your hair or makeup. A lot of things happen in the bathroom, and dogs are intensely curious creatures. Your pup probably wants to know what’s going on.

There may also be a bit of a protective aspect to dogs following you into the bathroom and sitting to watch you poop. Canines who are a little more anxious may not like letting you out of their sight because who knows what could happen then? So, your dog might be in the bathroom with you to ensure you’re safe. They don’t usually see peeing and pooping as a private matter, just an excuse to be near you while you’re seated and still.

No Need to Feel Embarrassed

It can feel a bit embarrassing or awkward having a dog just sit there and watch you while you’re on the toilet, but honestly, there’s no need to feel that way. It isn’t like your dog knows what you’re doing or as if they even care. And even if they did know, why would it matter? You watch them poop all the time!

If your pup constantly follows you into the bathroom and watches you poop, just take that as them not wanting to let you out of their sight. There’s no need to feel embarrassed or weird about the situation.

How to Keep Your Dog Out of the Bathroom

Even if you know that your dog isn’t being a creeper, you may feel too uncomfortable to have them in there with you (which is fine!). But how do you keep your dog out of the bathroom so you can finally have a bit of privacy? There are a few ways to convince your dog to stay out of the bathroom when you’re in there, even if simply shutting the door in their face doesn’t work.

Two dogs looking through open door from bathroom
Image Credit: sophiecat, Shuttertock
  • You can train them to stay out by using the “Stay!” command before you go into the bathroom. Of course, if your pup doesn’t know this command, you’ll have to teach it to them first. It’s best to teach them this command away from the bathroom, though, so they can get used to it and won’t associate it with just bathroom time. Once they’ve learned it, you can begin using that command before you go to the bathroom. After you’re done in there, give them some praise for being brave enough to be on their own for a few minutes!
  • You could also distract your dog before you go into the bathroom. Give your pup their favorite toy right before you go in or toss them a couple of treats to snack on. This should give you time to do your business without your pup being there watching.
  • Another way you can keep your dog from following you into the bathroom is to stop talking to them when you’re exiting a room. If you’re talking and walking, there’s more of a chance of them following you to your next destination. Not talking to them is less encouragement for them to go with you.
  • Finally, you could install a baby gate on the way to the bathroom that they can’t get over. This way, you can continue unhindered into the bathroom while they wait wherever they’ve been stopped.

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Final Thoughts

Your dog isn’t in the bathroom watching you poop because they’re being a creep. They’re in there mostly because they want to be around you constantly. There’s also the possibility that they’re curious about what you’re doing or concerned about your safety. Dogs also don’t know what you’re doing, so there’s no need to feel awkward about the situation. However, if you do feel extraordinarily weird about your dog watching you poop, you can keep them out of the bathroom, so you can have a bit of privacy!


Featured Image Credit: Ricardo Alves 1975, Shutterstock

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