9 Things My Dogs — and a Few of Their Friends — Want Me to Do Right Now

People often groan about not being able to speak dog. But sometimes, what our pups want is crystal clear. Observe!


My dogs are pretty bossy. Spot will bump my hand with his head if I dare stop scratching too soon, and Dolly does not like to be kept waiting come mealtime. Of course, their determined little faces have me reaching for the camera before doing their bidding. Here are photos of nine things my dogs — and a few of their friends — want me to do right now.

1. Rub my belly.

Dolly thought bubble: I’m not budging from this bed until I get some belly rubs.

2. Throw the ball!

Spot thought bubble: Throw the ball! Throw the ball! Throw the ball! For the love of dog, THROW THE BALL!

Dolly thought bubble: I don’t really care if you throw the ball. Watching Spot freak out is fun enough for me.

3. Come outside.

Spot thought bubble: Are you coming outside? You promised me a swim, and the pool is out here. You see that, right?

4. Get Dolly off me.

Spot thought bubble: Please tell Dolly to get her big butt off me.

Dolly thought bubble: I told him to move. He chose not to, and my butt isn’t big thank you very much.

5. Put me on your lap.

Q thought bubble: How can you possibly work with this cuteness staring you in the face? Put me on your lap, and I will share with you my puppy breath. If your cousins are correct about how often you visit, you know I won’t fit on your lap next time. Take advantage of the opportunity now.

6. Let us in!

Dolly thought bubble: Why is the door shut? What are you doing in there? Does it involve treats? It had better not. For the love of dog, LET US IN!

Spot thought bubble: I don’t really care if you let us in. Watching Dolly freak out is treat enough for me.

7. Get moving.

Spot thought bubble: Okay, you’ve rested long enough. One more time around the park, ladies!

8. Hand over the treat.

Dolly thought bubble: Give me the treat or I start chewing your favorite things again. Remember that Coach bag you loved so much until I got my teeth on it? Of course you do.

9. Make Spot share.

Dolly thought bubble: Would you please tell Spot to get his big tongue out of the water.

Spot thought bubble: Slurp, slurp, slurp. She had her turn, and my tongue isn’t big so much as my mouth is small.

Let’s hear from you, readers. What do your dogs want you to do right now? Share in the comments, and pretty please post pictures of their determined little faces!

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