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Since this is a dog blog, a couple times a month our boy Bo (woof!) thought it would be nice to get the news through...

Since this is a dog blog, a couple times a month our boy Bo (woof!) thought it would be nice to get the news through a dogs eyes. When Bo decides to share his thoughts youll always see the tag Bo Knows. Okay Bo, take it from here..

Back in the day, ten years ago in fact, I lived in a frigid climate. It gave me the opportunity to play in cold weather, snowy weather and blizzardy weather. I was in heaven.

Thats probably why my parents moved me to the south.

Before relocating however, I did rack up a few good tips for surviving in Mother Natures coolness:

– Wear boots during slushy weather, otherwise the cold concoction will build up on your paws. Failure to heed this most terrific advice will give you the ice cream headache that killed Elvis.

– During heavy snowfalls, make sure to pee every 10 feet. These visual clues will help you find home should you become disoriented.

– The trail of kibble you see in the back yard, is really not kibble at all. Its deer poop.

There is actually one more tip I should pass on, but Ill let the consequences of not following it be your guide.

The Billings Gazette has all the details.

It was a long, cold night for Duke, a 16-month-old St. Bernard who froze to the ice on a pond at the Peter Yegen Jr. Golf Club.

After the family combed the area that night looking for the dog, they went to bed, hoping he would be back in the morning.

Rescuers believe that Duke fell though the ice on the pond on the northwest side of the golf course sometime during the night but was able to pull himself out. Once the wet dog sat on the ice, his furry, water-logged tail froze to the ice, leaving him unable to move.

Two firefighters in dry suits pushed an ice rescue sled over about 10 feet of hip-deep water and 10 feet of ice to reach Duke, who was shivering and occasionally whining.

After trying to free the tail with water and a crowbar-like Haligan tool, firefighter Brandon Fleury broke the ice around Dukes tail with a mallet while firefighter Ben Jares held onto the dog by his collar.

They got the shivering animal onto the sled and were hauled back to shore by seven other firefighters who had arrived.

It took four firefighters – one just to hold up the tail with the large chunk of ice attached – to lift the 118-pound dog into a waiting golf cart.

Staff members at the veterinary office said the dog was in good condition Friday afternoon after being de-iced and warmed up under a blow dryer.

Larson, who had spent the day looking for his dog, went to check on him as soon as he was notified that Duke had been found.

Hes my little buddy, Larson said, before correcting himself. Hes my big buddy.

Oh, and if that wise acker chihuahua down the street dares you to lick a poledont do it. Trust me on that one. Woof!

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* Photo courtesy BillingsGazette.net

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