We’ve Got Winners: A Bird of the Air Jacket, Pittie Calendars, and BlogPaws Holiday Swag

We've been running a good number of contests over the past two weeks and today we'll be wrapping up three of them. If you entered...


We’ve been running a good number of contests over the past two weeks and today we’ll be wrapping up three of them. If you entered our , Pit Bull calendars or A Bird of the Air doggie jacket contests, scroll down to see if you’ve won! Thanks go out to everyone who played along with us — and if you didn’t win, look out for more contests over the next few weeks. We’ve got some cool giveaways lined up.

Contest #1: A Bird of the Air Doggie Jacket

Winner, winner, chicken (er, salmon) dinner!

We received some 400 photo entries for George the Basset Hound’s costume jacket from the romantic comedy A Bird of the Air. But in the end, only one pup could prevail — and the folks behind the movie decided that Dogster Bonzer (pictured above) was their favorite. Here are a few words from the studio folks about their pick:

“Congratulations, Bonzer! You are the proud new owner of a devilishly handsome jacket compliments of A Bird of the Air! This photo was a ‘great catch’ and we always love seeing when pet owners get in on the fun of dressing up (and were pretty sure Bonzer appreciates it too). With Fall setting in, we want to make sure Bonzer doesnt feel the need to swim upstream, so heres hoping the jacket will keep him nice and warm (and fashionable)! Thanks to everyone who entered this contest! All of your photos were fantastic, and its heartwarming to see so many loving owners who enjoy spending time with their pups!”

A representative from A Bird of the Air will be in touch to find out where to ship your prize, Bonzer! Big congrats from us at HQ.

Contest #2: Itty Pitties and For the Love of Pit Bulls Calendars

We loved reading the entries for this contest — we asked readers to tell us why they love Pitties, and boy, did they ever tell us how much. Check out the comments section on the contest post for a dose of WaFF (warm and fuzzy feelings). We consulted the random number generator at random.org to pick a winner for each calendar, and the winners are:

1. Linda C gets the “For the Love of Pit Bulls” calendar. Here’s her comment:

He ran across the busy street between cars zooming for work. No one stopped or seemed to care but me. He was black and white and very skinny but with the largest head I had ever seen. This pitty cautiously entered my car when I opened the passenger door. No smiles, no tail wags. He sat next to me unsure. I sensed that he was tired of running. I named him Charlie Brown. His best friend is Hazel, a basset hound, also rescued. I love him so much. No longer does he duck his head in fear when I toss a ball to play. His enthusiasm knows no bounds. He is game for play and loves to be with me. He gives me hugs with his paws and holds on so tight just to show me how much he appreciates being loved. I love Pitties because they show me how to be a winner and not let the bad in life get the best of me. I love Pitties because they teach me how to live. Me and Charlie Brown like the calendar For the Love of Pit Bulls.

2. Bri gets the Itty Pitties Calendar. Here’s the winning comment:

Oh how I love Pit Bulls! Ever since I was 14 years old and my aunts 80lb. baby girl had to sit in my lap the whole time we were watching the fireworks show! I remember how her big muscly body felt, and how Id laugh when shed cram her head in my armpit when the big fireworks went off. She was so pretty, and I knew I wanted a dog like her. She was eventually stolen and we never found her. Now Im 21 and I have a 2 year old son. I havent had the chance to get a dog of my own since getting married because of us living in an apartment, but next month we are moving into our first house with a big 4.7 acre yard! Were gonna wait until next spring before we adopt so well have time to build a proper fence and make sure the yard is secure. I can hardly wait! I let my son pick and he likes Itty Pitties 🙂

Congrats, guys, I’ll be in touch to find out where to send your calendars. We’ll send you some swag from Dogster HQ, too. 😉

Contest #2: Win Some of Our BlogPaws Swag

Dogster Community Manager Lori Malm and yours truly went to the BlogPaws conference in Virginia a few weeks ago and returned home to a huge swag box in the mail from the folks at Petco. We decided to give readers a chance to win one of the holiday outfits pictured above. And the winners are:

Outfit 1 Winner: Linda DeVoll

Our little rescue Min Pin LOVES to wear a new dress all the time for her Therapy Dog work at the hospital, Windy wears a size Med. If you have any left over, shed be very grateful and will tell EVERYONE where she got it!!

Outfit 2 Winner: Terri Pilieri

My Moochie dog would love outfit #2!!! Her birthday is 11/29/10 so this will be her first real Christmas and our first Christmas together and I cant wait for both events!! She brings so much joy and happiness to my life! She knows when I get an outfit out for her that it is a special day and outing for us whether it be a trip to a pet store, a dog walk or a pet fair! Christmas has been blah for me the past few years and I know she will bring the Christmas spirit back to me and she would look so adorable and spread the Christmas spirit and cheer in outfit 2. Thank you so much for sharing and for your time!!

Outfit 3 Winner: Jen

Elka would love Item #3! Her hair is like eyelashes, so when it gets cold out, she shivers! She still loves being outside, though, on walks in the park and in the neighborhood. And when it snows out, shes extra bouncy!

We’ll be in touch to find out where to send your prizes. Thanks again for playing!

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