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We’re Obsessed With the PugDala Coloring Book

This adorable coloring book uses Pug mandalas and mantras to help you achieve mindfulness. Grab your colored pencils!

Cassandra Radcliff  |  Jul 13th 2016

If you don’t believe coloring can calm you, grab some colored pencils and give the PugDala Coloring Book a try. More than 50 Pug mandalas and mantras will help you gain clarity, focus, and peace.

“You need to take time to restore your brain,” said Laurren Darr, the book’s creator. “One of the ways you can do that is through coloring.”


Laurren incorporated Pugs into her coloring book because, “I am plum Pug crazy!”

You can buy the coloring book on Amazon for $9.99, with the Kindle version costing $3.69.