Welcome to Dogster Magazine! Stop and Sniff Around a While

We made a little video for you guys as you navigate the changes we've made to the editorial areas of our sites.

Hellllllo, Dogsters!

Welcome to the redesign of our site. It’s more than just a redesign, however, as we’ve completely overhauled our old blogging platform and brought on many more great writers as well as videographers, furtographers, illustrators, and other storytellers. We’ve also overhauled the Dogster homepage (which got very few visits before) so that it’s now a highly dynamic overview of the best new items of the day. We’re going to be hanging out and barking it up in the comments, so feel free to join us.

Meanwhile, if you’re one of those people thinking “It was fine the way it was,” we totally understand. Change is no fun, but it’s been almost two years since our last refresh, which is equal to 10 years in Internet time. If you love our Pet Pages, messaging, gifting, groups, and forums, you’ll find everything is almost identical.

If you want to discuss the changes to the site or make sure we know about something that needs to be improved, join us in the Redesign Group. Feel free to share your thoughts there or in the comments section of this post. We can’t reply to every individual comment, but rest assured that we’ll be reading absolutely everything and rolling out refinements over the next four weeks.

Those of you who’ve been around for the last eight years know that Dogster is always a work in progress. We hope you’ll enjoy sniffing out our new editorial and media areas. And we hope you know we love you and that we love working on this every day for you.

Tail wags and head butts,

Ted @ HQ

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