We Have Winners: FUR Dry Towels and Ami Ami Dogs 2

We've been getting e-mails from readers wondering if we'd picked the winners for these two contests yet โ€” and things have been so crazy at...


We’ve been getting e-mails from readers wondering if we’d picked the winners for these two contests yet — and things have been so crazy at Dogster HQ that while we did pick the winners last week, we failed to put a post up to announce them. So! This is that post! And we apologize for keeping you on the edge of your seats.

In other awesome news: Dog Blog editor Maria Goodavage has completed the first draft of her book and will return to blogging here tomorrow! Nobody is happier than me! Please stop by and welcome her back in the morning.

Now, on to the contests:

Contest 1: Ami Ami Dogs 2

We have six copies of the book to give away and asked readers to share a crafty story with us. For this contest, we picked our favorite comments where folks shared their successes and crafty faux pas. And the winners are:

Mandi Lynne: I love crafting and have wanted to make things to sell at fairs. The problem is, I do a project and decide Sweet! I can totally sell these! Then I make something else and that becomes the new thing. Needless to say I’ve never made enough of one thing to be able to sell it. Of course I WOULD have motivation to make tons and tons of doggies! Dogs are my 1-and-a-half-year-old daughters favorite things. So much that I think if my Rat Terrier, Penelope, had thumbs, she would craft herself a shelter to keep out the crazy kid from hugging her, and grabbing her face saying Ear!, and shoving every one of her toys in her face. Seriously. If you give me this book youll be doing my dog a big favor because Ill be able to make something that might distract my kid and allow my dog to sleep and be lazy. You do want to help my dog, right? I mean, youre Dogster. Dont you love dogs? Dont you love MY dog? Huh? Dont you?!?!

Hannah Hudson: I love crocheting, I taught myself with YouTube last January I make a lot of geeky things, like the Doctor Who TARDIS! (Really proud of that one!) I also make my bulldog, Bella, things as well. I made her a headband that was inspired by Carmen Miranda!

Shelley: I absolutely love amigurumi. I picked up crocheting a few years back and cannot stop. Its my favorite thing to do when Im watching TV or on a rainy day. I made myself a Shiba Inu and I would love to make other dogs as gifts for fellow dog lovers and to help out local rescue efforts. A recent project Im proud of is a functional katamari (from the game Katamari Damacy). It has real magnets in each nub to pick up things.

Princess n Chugs: The first item I crocheted was a pair of hot pants back in the year I graduated high school. I was spending the summer with an older cousin. I learned to crochet that summer facing her and mirroring what she was doing. These little pups will make great holiday and get well presents for my elderly neighbors.

Abby: I am someone who has grown up in a fairly crafty family, and so I have tried to be a crafty person myself. The key word here is “try.” I will hear of the coolest ideas and concepts (most having to do with my favorite muses, my dogs and cats) and many stressful hours filled with rubber cement, glitter (way too much glitter), and mounds of scraps of assorted materials later I have a project that looks nothing like the sparkling perfect picture of the finished project the interweb promised me. Mostly thanks to the very few and very small directions that are given. That is why I think this little book of awesomeness could be perfect! It has these adorable and great ideas that actually look doable and have nice directions that wont leave me a confused mess. Plus it has materials I am more comfortable working with and a lot less glitter. Thank dog.

Frances: I crocheted a placemat but the dog liked it so much that it became a dogmat.

Contest 2: Furminator’s Fur Dry Towels

For this contest, we used the random number generator on random.org to select three winners. They are:

Annie: Our Bloodhound, Friday, is not a huge fan of baths. However, afterwards, she always prances around the house like a show horse until shes dry. Needless to say, shed need a giant towel. Shes a big girl.

Paula: My long-haired Dachshund does not like baths, and when she gets out she shakes and showers everything around her with water. Then she goes outside and rolls in the dirt!!! Again, another shampoo situation coming on.

Katherine: The second my Corgi mix, Mackey, sees me snap my latex gloves into place, she dives under the bed, terrified this might mean a bath. Usually, it just means Im doing a little housecleaning and poor Mackey is hiding for no good reason. But of course sometimes shes right — its Bath Day, the worst day of the month! So after the torture is over, the bathroom is covered floor to ceiling with Mackeys coat, and I Swiffer every inch of the bathroom. Until, oh no! She has gotten out somehow, and I find her perched on my white down pillow, soaking wet, like shes the Queen of Sheba. Teaches me whos boss! (Medium)

Thanks for playing with us! We’ll be in touch via e-mail to find out where to send your prizes.

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