We Can Solve the Energy Crisis Through Puppy Power

Get some puppies, arrange some food just so, and here's our alternative energy source of the future.


Note: This video comes to us from Petsami, the YouTube channel for funny pet and animal videos.

The energy crisis is a big deal, and it needs a solution soon. Fossil fuels are limited, and with petrol prices rising, folks are in desperate need of an alternative form of energy. Electric cars are becoming more common, but we need to find another way to power the plants that produce our electricity.

Water power? Wind power?

How about puppy power?

This video demonstrates how easy it could be. Just find four or five hungry puppies (and, because puppies are hungry most of the time, almost any puppy will do), then mix up some kibble and water (that’s how sled dogs are fed in the cold — otherwise the water just freezes up), set it down, and let the resulting puppy-go-round generate power.

See? We’ve got this. Energy crisis: officially and adorably solved by Dogster. Now we’ll have to run for president — cast your vote for the puppy party. (Yeah, it might have to be a write-in.)

Seriously, look at those propeller puppies go! We realize they don’t have many table manners, but hey, they’re puppies. And they are the energy source of the future.

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