We Can Help Dogster Cashious Get the Care He Needs

Some wise human (or was it a dog?) once said that it is an opportunity to be able to help those who are truly in...



Some wise human (or was it a dog?) once said that it is an opportunity to be able to help those who are truly in need. We have just such an opportunity with Dogster Cashious. ‘

Dogster Cashious’ guardian escaped Katrina with her boxer babies. But over the last year she has faced even greater challenges as her furbabies have fallen ill. Now her Cashious is extremely ill and needs help to pay for his medical care.

Here is the pmail she sent last week to a few people in a Dogster group, Fatboy’s Place:

Dearest Friends,

All of you know what’s been going on with me and my babies in the past 6 weeks or so. I’ve kept everyone informed on every step of this heart wrenching trial that we face. Of all of the emails I’ve sent this may perhaps be one of the hardest. For you see, I’m a very independent and prideful woman. But in swallowing my pride I must admit I need help and I know no other place to turn. I have almost no family and any friends I had near have long since moved from the area to rebuild after Katrina took our homes over a year ago.

As you all know my Morgan was sick with cancer and going through chemo and many, many test prior to his leaving on 12/28/2006 for rainbow bridge. You also know that my Cashious has recently been diagnosed with a brain tumor (the cause of his cluster seizures). In the past 6 weeks I’ve completely deleted my meager savings on Vet bills for my 2 boys. a little over $3000 in 6 weeks. Well as most of you also know, I’m a single woman with one income and now my Cashious needs more medical treatment that I just can’t afford and still keep a roof and food for me and the Boxer brigade. The Doctors estimate that the cost in the next couple of months will be in the range of $1000 to $1500. I have no way of earning that kind of money in such a short time and have no one I can turn to for help.

As I’ve stated, the foolish pride within me is screaming but I need help none the less. If you have any ideas for me to gather some of these funds or if you can help me in any small way to put these funds together I would be so very grateful for your assistance. I just don’t know how to tell my Cashious that I can’t help him because I’ve exhausted all of my resources on his brother Morgan. He deserves the same chance that Morgan got to try to get well but I can’t do it on my own. If you have but a dollar to offer it would mean more to me than words can express. If not, I will love you all just the same. I’m so embarrassed asking you to help me in this way but my Granny always told me that no one can know you need help if your too prideful to ask. So here I am humbly asking. I can supply vet bills or anything else needed to confirm that I’m not just asking for help in vein.

Again my dear friends if you can’t help me in a monetary way, if you can simply offer ideas to help me raise the needed funds or just offer your prayers, I will love you all the same. Thank you for listening and I apologize for appearing to be begging but the truth is, I am begging as I’m desperate to help my precious Boy. He is so wonderful and he deserves a chance. Thanks to you all.

Karen and the Boxer Brigade

Tina, a caring Dogster if there ever was one and furmom to Stator AKA Fatboy, barked in to the blog to see what we could do together.

Wow where to start!

This morning I woke to this in my Pmail box…I have been following Morgans illness via his diary and offered my condolances when he past. I feel so horrible for this women and wonder what we can do to help her. I am going to offer up a check, but wanted to see if there were some way of getting this message out? If you can help or advice I would appreciate it.


After emailing back and forth, here’s your invitation to join us in this opportunity to help another Dogster!

Dear Fellow Dogsters,

Karen is the owner of 5 dogs and recently lost one of them to cancer. (Morgan) During this time (Cashious) became ill with a brain tumor, now Karen has to deal with another of her furbabies being sick! Let me add that Karen is a Hurricane Katrina victim that lost her house, in spite of this she still took on that fifth dog that needed a home after the hurricane.

Karen is in that place none of us wants to be and needs help desperately to be able to give her baby the necessary medical treatment.

If each of us could just send a couple dollars what a huge help it would be to Karen! I understand not everyone can afford to help out financially but we can all send positive vibes and prayers her way!

If you would like more info on where to send donations please email me at dognutz2007@yahoo.com

Thank you for your interest in helping out one of our own!

Tina has contacted Cashious’ vet and all funds will go directly to help Cashious. Here is the vet’s information:

Saucier Veterinary Hospital
22146 Hwy. 49 Saucier, MS. 39574
Dr. James Askew, D.V.M.

So even if we can’t all send a dollar or two, we can keep Karen and Cashious in our thoughts and prayers.

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