Watch This Shopping Cart Pup Give Birth and Get Adopted

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A dog living under a shopping cart wouldn’t appear to have much hope, especially a pup who is pregnant. But Bailey had some kind-hearted humans looking out for her, feeding her and giving her water until help arrived.

When Van Nuys, California-based group Rescue From The Hart heard about the situation, they came to the scene and find a small white pooch who willingly took treats from their hands. But it was a slow process to gain enough of the dog’s trust to coax her out from under the protection of the shopping cart. In this seven-minute video, we get to see her full recovery from homeless and pregnant to hopeful soon-to-be mother.

Just weeks after being taken in, Bailey gave birth to a healthy little litter of adorable puppies – Julep, Tini, Shandy, Ginny and Gibson. After more weeks spent thriving as newborns under the care of their mother, each one of them went to a forever home, as did mom Bailey.

Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, donors, fosters and adopters, Rescue From The Hart has given many dogs and cats a second chance at life in a loving home. And sharing stories like Bailey’s helps the non-profit do its amazing work by matching animals in need with willing pet lovers.

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