Watch This Reminder That Puppies Are Available for Adoption, Too


Adopting a senior dog is a beautiful thing. You give an old soul, one who may be long overdue for love and affection, a comfortable place to call their retirement home. But we shouldn’t forget the value of taking in puppies as well.

This two-and-a-half-minute video shows just how full a shelter can get with sweet, young pups. At Singapore’s SOSD Rehabilitation Centre, this month they are experiencing an all-time high of 40 puppies in the shelter itself and another 80 in foster homes, all just waiting to be adopted. There’s been an influx of pups because the organization has been proactively coordinating with various trap, neuter, release sites to help keep the pet population in check by rescuing litters and keeping them off the streets.

Of course, we have the same issues in the United States — too many dogs and too few homes for them — but many families who want puppies may not think to foster or adopt. This is a good reminder that there are so many young dogs out there who need a second chance.

As we see in the video, some of the pups are fearful when they arrive at SOSD. Some even have injuries or are sick. But they’re all being cared for in hopes of finding them that forever home they so deserve.

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