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Watch Momma Hope Care for Her Puppies After She Comes Out of a Coma

After being hit by a car, Hope's owners left her for dead. Thankfully, McFarland Animal Shelter and 2nd Chances Rescue did not give up on Hope or her puppies.

Whitney C. Harris  |  Dec 15th 2016

Every dog deserves to be cared for, but one who isn’t being given the love and attention she needs can’t exactly tell her story – especially if she’s in a coma after being hit by a car. Thankfully, Momma Hope had the help of the animal professionals at McFarland Animal Shelter and 2nd Chances Rescue and the storytellers at PAWsitive.

In this two-minute clip, viewers will learn that Hope had a terrible accident involving a car soon after giving birth to a litter of eight puppies. (Sadly, one of the five boys didn’t survive.) Thinking she was dead, her owners called animal control to come and take over. Hope was brought to a vet where her serious head injury was given the treatment it so desperately needed. From then on, she and her puppies would be in the more caring hands of a foster.

At first, Hope and her puppies had to be tube-fed every three hours. But over time, she and her pups grew stronger, and she was able to nurse them herself. Now, all are healthy and doing extremely well. In fact, five of the puppies have already been adopted.

As for Hope, she loves to be kissed and scratched, and she prefers lying by your feet to sitting on the couch. Who wouldn’t want to give such a sweet pup a loving home? Time will tell.