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Watch Hope for Paws Rescue Brutus the Pit Bull in Mere Minutes

The L.A.-based rescue says this was one of their easiest rescues yet. Meet the gentle giant.

Whitney C. Harris  |  Dec 22nd 2016

This is the wonderfully brief rescue story of Brutus, a homeless Pit Bull who was found wandering around downtown Los Angeles. When Hope for Paws received a call about this sweet but lost pup, Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo drove the streets until they found him in an alley. For a moment, it looks like the dog is going to jump right into their car, but it takes a little coaxing with some treats to win his trust.

Less than two minutes into this three-minute video, gentle Brutus is safely swept off his paws and into the caring hands of the pet rescue pros. And during the drive back to Hope for Paws, the trio passes a buoyant mural that is a sign of things to come. It reads: “DON’T WORRY. EVERYTHING IS GONG TO BE AMAZING.”

According to the clip, this was one of the easiest rescues Hope for Paws ever done. The organization’s volunteers foster the pets they rescue in their homes until they find loving families.

The handsome Brutus is white and brown with a pink and brown speckled nose, and he’s currently up for adoption. As seen in the video, he has a tail-wagging demeanor, likes belly rubs, and gives kisses willingly.