Watch Diesel the Bulldog Express His Love for Cardboard Boxes


As anyone who’s ever been a person between the ages of 6 and 12 well knows, cardboard boxes are awesome toys, highly underrated by grown-ups. I’m sure that well-paid toy company executives often wake up in the middle of the night drenched with sweat and cold with fear, worried that people will realize that their goods just can’t compete with a cube of corrugated cardboard.


The video below shows a dog who is fully aware of just how cool cardboard boxes are — perhaps to an unhealthy degree. For three minutes, an English Bulldog named Diesel grips a box top in his jaws and wanders around a parking lot while his owners call to him and chuckle about his love affair with the cardboard.

The problem is that Diesel is holding the top in his jaws, it completely obscures his vision, and he keeps bumping into things. No matter; Diesel seems completely content to run into random walls, automobiles, and other objects as long as he has that box top. It is all-important, no matter what. Even when the people behind the camera call him over and try to get the top away from him, Diesel makes it very clear that he’s not letting go of his toy, come hell or high water.


Diesel may be running into things, but it’s definitely charming to see his devotion to his corrugated companion. He appears to be very happy, even if the friendship between dog and box means that he has to take the occasional bump or lump.

This probably looks familiar to a lot of dog owners. What about you? What kind of toys or other objects have your pups fallen in love with to the point of obsession? Do they favor the store bought kind, or do they make their own, like Diesel?

Via YouTube

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