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Watch Cody the Pit Bull Talk and Talk and Talk

Cody has a lot to say, from his pleading for treats to ordering puppaccinos. Give him a listen!

dogedit  |  Jan 11th 2017

Meet Cody!

Nancy Hassel adopted him from Islip Animal Shelter and Adopt a Pet Center in Bay Shore, New York, when he was about a year old. She immediately began his training, which includes teaching him how to talk.

Cody and his big smile. (Photo courtesy Nancy Hassel)

Cody and his big smile. (Photo courtesy Nancy Hassel)

Now around 2 1/2 years old, Cody has a lot to say.

“He gets really excited and vocal when I take him to events, especially when people realize how vocal he is. They encourage it — he complies or talks back! He is actually quiet at home, but will respond to me if I say, “Are you hungry?” or “Do you want to go potty/for a walk?” He will then howl back to me. He loves to meet people, get attention. He cries to say hello to every dog (he is very dog friendly!).”

See — or hear, to be more accurate — Cody in action in this video! You can also follow him on Facebook at Adventures With Cody – the Blue Nose.