Watch a Pug With Two Broken Elbows Live Her Life to the Fullest

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Some people teach their dogs to walk on their hind legs as a party trick. But Bella the Pug does it all on her own because she has no other option. The sweet, 6-year-old pooch sits and walks upright because she’s been living with two broken elbows. Actually, your heart may break when you start watching this video. It’s only four minutes long, but it makes a big impact once you see her story.

With two bum elbows, she was left at an animal hospital for nine months. Unfortunately, her family was not able to keep her and took a long time to forfeit her care. Thankfully, Pug Nation came to the rescue and made sure she had the double amputation she needed, and they found her a loving home.

“There’s something about her that I just instantly fell in love with,” said Bella’s foster mom Wendy. Soon after learning about this unique pug’s circumstances and sweet-as-can-be disposition, Wendy knew she would be adopting. Today, she takes Bella for walks using a harness that provides wonderful support but still allows the pup to propel herself forward. Wendy even has a special stroller to take Bella and her 12-year-old Pug sibling for long walks.

Aside from an uplifting look at what adopting a special needs dog can be like, this video from PAWsitive is a good reminder for pet parents to listen to their vets’ instructions, especially about keeping a dog confined and without putting weight on a healing limb for his or her safety.

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