Wanna Play With A Snowball?

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, of course. I'm not totally sure who coined the phrase but the gist is...


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time, of course. I’m not totally sure who coined the phrase but the gist is one small step leads to big results.

When I put these posts up sometimes I wonder if it really makes a difference, there are so many dogs in need. Then I realize yes, it does make a difference, because while we can’t solve the problem in its entirety we can one dog at a time. Each dog that is adopted into a loving home is one more bite out of the elephant, so to speak.

An angel working in a neighboring county of Ga. called at 9:00 am, she said there was a mama dog tied up and 8 dead, stinking 3 week old babies in the dog house with her. DEAR GOD. I called the cops who met me down the road and I followed them to the trailer/RV park. The cops told the woman who had the chained momma w/her dead babies and no food or water to release the dog to me to avoid prosecution. She surrendered the dog.

The girl who originally called had found one live surviving puppy in her yard late last night and met me with it in town after I had the mama dog. Mama’s name per owner is Snowball, she had been chained for 7 years and has had litter after litter of pups back to back.

After this rescue I get home to see a stray 6-7 month male pittie in front of my rescue barely escaping death from a vehicle. He has mange and is covered in some kind of oil. I HAVE NOWHERE TO PUT HIM. I need rescue for this pittie baby!! HE IS EXTREMELY SWEET AND DOCILE. I am financially drained. Someone please rescue this pittie, and if you are interested in MOM dog and her baby let me know.

Eight construction site babies from kill shelter going to Pa. along with 10 from my rescue and 6 more babies from same kill shelter totaling 24 babies.

I’m leaving Friday morning w/24 babies. I desperately need $400 to cover gas, vet and health certificates!!

Girard LifeSaver Rescue
10352 Hwy. 23-S
Girard Ga.
30426 pay pal account on web-site at: www.girard-lifesaver.org

Samantha Holton
Girard Lifesaver Rescue
(706) 871-8273

If you are interested in Snowball and her baby, the pittie, or any of the other rescues available please contact Samantha Holton at the above number. Or if you can make a donation, no matter how small, visit their website where you can do so online.

Lastly, a big shout out to Samantha Holton and all the other rescuers who selflessly donate their time and money without ever expecting anything in return.

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