Viral Video: In Which Dogs Dare Not Cross the Path of Cats

In the epic video "You Shall Not Pass, Dog," cats scare the bejesus out of dogs, simply by being cats.


Everyone knows cats are afraid of dogs. It’s a pure, simple, enduring belief, perhaps one of the cornerstones of a civilized society, if you want to go there. Operas have been written about cats being afraid of dogs, or at least whole cartoons have. It’s the natural order of things. If you have a dog, there is a cat somewhere who is afraid of him.

Except when there isn’t. Except when there’s a cat who is bloody terrifying to the dog, a cat whose serene presence is imbued with a threat of such violence (Bruce Lee? David Carradine? Not Mike Tyson) that the mighty dog cannot even cross his path.

Like this cat:

And this cat:

And this cat:

And this cat:

In the epic video, “You Shall Not Pass, Dog,” Huffington Post complied clips of cats holding their ground — ever so calmly, of course — and reducing majestic canines to wobbly buckets of fear. The video has gone viral, racking up more than 4 million views since Dec. 5. It’s great stuff, with dogs left stranded on stairways and in hallways, unable to proceed because kitties are in the way, calmly licking their paws or staring at the wall, as kitties do.

Why so scared, dogs? Eventually, we find out. The dogs are so scared because these cats are creeps.

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