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Vid We Love: Therapy Dogs at the Olympic Swim Trials!

The therapy dogs from Domesti-PUPS helped keep competitors as calm as possible during the very stressful Olympic trials.

dogedit  |  Aug 10th 2016

Humans aren’t the only Americans cheering on the US Olympic Swimming Team this week. You can bet that the therapy dogs from Domesti-PUPS are, too. They brought their special brand of support to athletes who competed June 26 to July 3 at the US Olympic swimming trials in Omaha, Neb.

Shifts of four to five dogs hung out in the swimmers’ lounge, helping competitors relieve stress through pets and ear scratches. See the pups in action in this video from NBC Olympics:

Learn more about this awesome group of dogs on Domesti-PUPS Facebook page. And get the full Olympic schedule to cheer on our athletes with your own pups.