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Vid We Love: “Coach Bud” Stars a Dog and 50 Cent as Basketball Coaches

A Golden Retriever named Prince Pumpkin Spice Latte III is one heck of an actor, coaching a team to victory while Paul Giamatti and Connie Britton cheer from the stands.

dogedit  |  Jun 5th 2015

In the trailer for Disney’s upcoming Coach Bud, Connie Britton, Paul Giamatti, and 50 Cent join Prince Pumpkin Spice Latte III in a heartwarming story of basketball, cheering, 50 Cent, and dogs. The story is familiar one: 50 Cent is a basketball coach, and he is a terrible one. Prince Pumpkin Spice Latte III decides to coach the team instead of 50 Cent, and he coaches with a few well-placed barks, much like five-time NBA championship coach Pat Riley.

Giamatti, meanwhile, cheers from the stands. Britton, who you might recognize from American Horror Story, reprises her role as anguished Vivien Harmon, murdering people in the … no, wait, that doesn’t happen. Giamatti, however, does cheer from the stands, much like he did in 2004’s smash hit Sideways. Such cheering. See this movie for the cheering, and for the dog, and for 50 Cent. Connie Britton doesn’t kill anyone.

Either this is going to the best movie in the world, or it’s just a Jimmy Kimmel skit. (It’s just a Jimmy Kimmel skit.)


In case you didn’t watch that, here are some screengrabs of the better parts:








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